How To Choose The Proper Golf Club For Men

Whether you are an amateur male golfer trying to learn the basics of the game or you are an expert preparing for your next professional golf tour, your choice of the golf club will determine the extent of your performance.

Using the right golf club affects everything from the way you play your game to your speed, strike, swing, and career. That’s why you need to be sure of making the right decision when choosing a golf club for your game.

The above facts lead us to these critical questions: which golf club is suitable for male golfers? What should you consider when shopping to choose the right golf club for your game? 

Looking at the saturated golf club market, choosing the right one can be overwhelming, except you have a veteran’s guide in the game. This article contains a list of top essential tips to help you choose the club that best fits your game. 


Do thorough research

The countless number of golf clubs scattered all over the market today can make your selection more challenging. Whether you are an amateur or an old-timer, the picky market is large enough to confuse you. You need to take your time and do detailed research if you don’t want to buy a miss.

The right golf club for your game deserves the time and effort. It is a worthwhile investment, so it’s essential to research to make the best decision instead of random selection. 

During your research, ask experts about their testimonies as regards different brands and types. Also, a list of top golf clubs on the internet can guide you. However, most of them are not reliable. The right golf club will serve you for a long time. Hence, you have to be patient at the choosing level. 

Don’t buy for the name

Sometimes, we watch professional PGA Tour playing golf on TV, and we fall in love with the club. Maybe it’s because we saw one of our favourite stars holding it and want to hold it too. Anyways, admiring your favourite player is not a problem but choosing a golf club because of another person can be a wrong decision. When selecting the right golf club for your game, you need to be deliberate about your choice. 

Thanks to the advanced technology in the golf game, club manufacturers make different clubs to fit other players. Some factors like gender, physical conditions and personal ability constitute the manufacturing techniques of various clubs. Hence, you have to find the one that best fits your personality and game to achieve excellent performance. learn more about how to open Golf shop in Australia at

Check the Grip Thickness 

How thick your grip is can have a massive effect on the swing. A thin grip helps golfers to become more flexible with their hands to make a better swing. However, when the grip is too thick, it restricts the golfer’s hand, leading to a poor swing. 

You can find good clubs with an excellent grip on the market. So, instead of choosing a random golf club based on the model, it is better to find a club with the proper grip. 

Here is a guide to finding a club with the correct grip. A good grip will allow you to hold the club with your left hand’s middle and ring fingers touching the pad slightly with the thump. If the grip doesn’t let your finger touch your thumb, don’t buy it. That grip is too big. 

Check the Shaft 

The shaft is an essential factor to consider when choosing the right club for your game. It is an obvious fact. The length of the shaft plays a fundamental role in the selection of your golf club. Though it seems simple for professional golfers, it takes necessary checks to know which shaft would serve you better. 

Some of the things to consider before determining the right shaft are your height, physical strength and body type. Based on the general rule, tall male golfers will play at their best when holding a longer shaft. Additionally, it is also essential to check the shaft flex to know how suitable it is to your swing. 

Meanwhile, be careful enough not to choose a shaft that is too stiff. The reason being that it may limit the flight of your ball, thereby affecting the distance you should cover. The shaft has a subtle crucial contribution to your overall performance, even as an expert male golfer. Dedicate quality time to check it before buying the club.


The loft is the angle of the clubface that controls flight and affects distance. Several veteran golfers have traditionally favoured lower lofted drivers, which require more skill to hit than higher lofted drivers.

Using a golf club with a low loft will make your ball go a longer distance than a club with a higher loft. On the other hand, a golf club with a high loft will affect the ball’s rising and descending. 

You can tell the loft by checking how much the club’s face angles upward or the degree at which the top of the club’s face angles away from the shaft. 

The clubhead

If you have different sized club heads, it will help you get the best out of your golf club. Generally, most brands produce different sizes of the clubhead, namely standard, midsize and oversized. Mind you, the level of your experience in the game will determine the size of the clubhead you would choose. 

Based on general rules, the larger the clubhead, the more forgiveness you experience on your swing. Yet, using an oversized clubhead can make poor hits because they are heavy and hard to control. Though you can get a good result with an oversized clubhead yet, you might want to consider a midsized clubhead if you have not gained enough experience in the game. 


The choice of your golf club is fundamental to your career success. So, a miss in the proper selection might lead to underperformance. Meanwhile, you can always make the right choice if you critically consider the above aspects and do the appropriate research before you purchase your golf club. 

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